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Water Quality Reports for 2015 Published 6/24/16

Prior to July 1 of each year, City Utilities is required to publish, and mail to all of our customers, a report on water quality for the previous calendar year.  During 2015, City Utilities operated three drinking water treatment and distribution systems and a report has been created for each.  See reports... 


Water Odor 5/31/16

As many of you know --we are currently having an issue with the taste and odor in our water caused by organic material in the river. Every year, around springtime, our rivers get more organic matter -- such as moss, leaves, twigs, branches or trees. Each time that happens, we make every effort to keep those naturally occurring events from changing the taste and odor of our water but it’s not always possible.

Over the weekend we adjusted our treatment process to ...address this issue. It may take some time for this to clear up.

That said -- our water is and continues to be safe. Fort Wayne’s water meets or is better than all state and federal requirements. It is safe to drink and use in any form.


River Levels Adjusted for Flashboard Installation 5/13/16

Water levels on the St. Joseph River north of the St. Joseph Dam will be lowered this weekend in order to install flashboards at the dam.

City Utilities installs the flashboards each spring in the spring to increase the amount of water held behind the dam.  This ensures that Fort Wayne has an adequate supply of water during peak summer months.


Lowering of the river level will begin at midnight on Saturday May 14, to allow the dam's spillway to dry so staff members can safely walk on the spillway to install the flashboards. 


Weather permitting the installation will occur on Monday May 16, and river levels should return to normal by Thursday of next week.


Prevent Flooding... Check Storm Drains 5/12/16

 This week’s heavy rains have pushed debris into storm sewer inlets.  With rain storms expected this evening, City Utilities is asking residents to help reduce the possibility of street flooding by cleaning debris from street drains before rain begins to fall.

  Drains clogged with debris prevent stormwater from flowing into the storm system.


Water Odor 5/11/16

An increase in turbidity has caused us to modify treatment at our Water Filtration Plant. Some residents may notice a change to the taste and odor. The water is safe to use and drink.

Turbidity increases are common as temperatures become warmer and we have spring rains. This is an annual occurrence but some years it is more noticeable than others.

Tuesday morning we increased our carbon treatment procedure--a process that improves taste and odor when there is an increase in turbidity. This process will take a few days to work through the system.   


City Utilities' Engineer Recognized for Leadership 4/20/16

At an awards ceremony in Carmel, Mark Gensic, an engineer with Fort Wayne City Utilities, received the Professional Practice Ethic sand Leadership Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers, Indiana Chapter.  The award recognizes a licensed professional engineer-leader who has demonstrated superior ethics and leadership in their profession. 

Gensic, a 36-year veteran in the engineering field, has worked in both the private and public sector.  In his role with City Utilities, Mark has led the design and construction of hundreds of projects to improve efficiency and service.  Those projects have included multiple expansions at the City’s wastewater treatment plant, which have greatly increased capacity and will serve many future generations. Read more...










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