Wednesday, September 02, 2015
Drinking Water

Fort Wayne's Drinking Water

Every resident wants safe, great tasting drinking water and expects it to be there every time they turn on the tap. City Utilities' goal is to meet your expectations about water quality and reliability every day while providing good value.

Customer Assistance

The City Utilities Customer Relations Center provides many services, including water and sewer connection/disconnection, bill payment, rates, and utility information. If you are experiencing problems with low water pressure, taste and odor, rusty or cloudy water, or no service, please call 311.

Fort Wayne Utilities also has may resources available to help you troubleshoot your water problems. You can find several resources for preventing managing common water problems on the Tips and Tricks page.

If you are developing or redeveloping property you can find information about development standards and construction practices on the Design Standards Manual page

All About Drinking Water

This section includes many answers to common questions about drinking water, who manages drinking water, how is drinking water treated and management paid for, and how are drinking water utility funds spent here...

Drinking Water Projects

City Utilities completes a variety of drinking water infrastructure projects each year - from small repairs to large main replacements or the addition of new service areas. You can keep up on all  Utility projects on the Projects page.

Fort Wayne City Utilities frequently holds special meetings to discuss projects with residents who may be affected. Meetings are held at several stages in each project. Usually meetings are held when project design is about to begin, just before construction begins and when design is complete. Stay informed - Sign up for e-news updates.

City Utilities Facilities

Have you ever wondered about the buildings where the City filters your drinking water? City Utilities operates a number of water-related facilities including the Three  Rivers Water Filtration Plant,  Water Pollution Control Plant, Hurshtown Reservoir, Camp Scott and others. The Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant and the Hurshtown Reservoir are critical facilities in Fort Wayne's drinking water system. Learn more about the interesting architecture of the plant and the recreational opportunities at the reservoir.