Sunday, August 30, 2015
Resources for Customers

Resources for Customers

Customer Service Relations Center

The City Utilities Customer Relations Center provides many services, including water and sewer connection/disconnection, bill paymentrates, and utility account information.

Homeowner Resources

Tips & Tricks

Fort Wayne Utilities has many resources available to help you troubleshoot your water problems. Whether it's a sewer back-up, flood waters in your home, low water pressure, or rusty water, you can find tips and tricks to help you prevent or manage these issues. 

Development Standards

Fort Wayne's Design Standards Manual is intended to assist property owners, developer, and private engineering firms in designing projects that will include public utility facilities. The Design Standards Manual in this document reflect the criteria that will be used by Fort Wayne's Development Services Department in reviewing plans for new development and the redevelopment of sites.

Business Resources

Fort Wayne Utilities has many resources available designed specifically for businesses. Everyone knows that businesses play an important role in the local economy and quality of life, but they also play an important role in water pollution prevention. Learn more on the Resources for Businesses page. 

Your Sewer & Stormwater


Do you want to connect to the City's sanitary sewer system? Or maybe you are curious about combined sewer overflows, or want to learn more about the Septic Elimination Program? More information on these topics and other sewer-related issues is available on the Sewers page


Did you know that Fort Wayne Utilities is responsible for managing both stormwater quality and quantity and has been mandated by federal and state regulators to reduce the amount of pollution reaching the rivers? Stormwater is exactly what it sounds like. When it rains, or when snow melts, water that is not soaked into the ground may run off lawns or pavement and go directly into a storm drain, and then straight into a nearby river or creek. Learn more about stomrwater and how to improve water quality in the rivers.

Your Drinking Water

Every resident wants a safe, great tasting drinking water and expects it to be there every time they turn on the tap. City Utilities' goal is to meet your expectations about water quality and reliability every day while providing good value. More information about drinking water quality, distribution, and City facilities is available on the Drinking Water page