Thursday, April 24, 2014
Water Quality Report

Water Quality Report

Drinking Water Quality Report

As of Friday April 11, 2014, Fort Wayne City Utilities' drinking water turbidity (water clarity) is 0.07 NTU. This is below the 0.3 NTU, which is the maximum established by the EPA.

The flavor profile analysis (taste and odor) is 2 FPN compared to our goal of 6 or less FPN.

The total hardness of Fort Wayne's drinking water is 91 parts per million, which is 5.32 grains per gallon.

The most recent tests for cryptosporidium and giardia found both to be non-detectable.

For more information on drinking water quality, you may call the City's Water Filtration Plant at 427-1254.

pdf_small Annual Water Quality Report for 2012 -- published June 2013

pdf_small Annual Water Quality Report for 2011 -- published June 2012


River Water Quality Report 

Testing is not done in the winter months.

Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) and other sources may contribute to river water quality degradation. Water quality is considered to be degraded if levels of bacteria are greater than the standard set by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. E. coli bacteria counts should not exceed 235 organisms per 100 mls. of water.

Testing of samples as of April 15, 2014.



organisms/100 ml at the Ferguson Bridge on the St. Marys


organisms/100 ml at the Mayhew Bridge on the St. Joseph


organisms/100 ml at the Tennessee Bridge on the St. Joseph


organisms/100 ml at the Anthony Bridge on the Maumee


organisms/100 ml at the Landin Bridge on the Maumee


organisms/100 ml at the Spy Run Bridge on the St. Marys

 For more information on river water quality, you may call the City's Water Pollution Control Plant at 427-1243.


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