Compliance improves aesthetics, driver and pedestrian safety

The City of Fort Wayne reminds residents and businesses to keep all yard signs outside of the property'€™s right of way in compliance with the City'€™s sign ordinance.

For houses or businesses with a sidewalk, the sign must not be in the parkstrip between the sidewalk and the street. If the location doesn'€™t have a sidewalk, generally the sign needs to be 11 feet from the curb or edge of the street.
Any questions about right-of-way locations can be directed to 427-6155.

A stricter sign ordinance, put into effect last year, gives police officers, firefighters and some Public Works employees the ability to remove and destroy any signs placed illegally.

“Yard signs are an important way for businesses and individuals to communicate especially for political campaigns, real estate agents and contractors. I certainly want residents and businesses to use yard signs, but they need to follow Fort Wayne'€™s ordinance,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “Since the implementation of the ordinance last year, our streets and neighborhoods look better and fewer concerns about signs obstructing views, but we have to keep it that way. If you currently have a yard sign, please make sure it'€™s in compliance.”

In addition to the right of way, signs are not permitted on public property including parks, utility poles, traffic signs, shelters, trees, garbage cans and benches.