One of the greatest lessons we can learn in life is that sometimes problems cannot be solved no matter how hard we try. If talking to your neighbor, seeking mediation, calling the police or local authorities, or even suing your neighbor has not helped ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I sure that my neighbor is at fault?
  2. Have I tried to talk with the neighbor about the problem?
  3. Have I researched local ordinances and contacted my neighbor to inform him of the law?
  4. If I live in a condo or planned community, have I talked to the condo board or the homeowner's association for help with the problem?
  5. Have I sought mediation to solve the problem?
  6. Have I contacted police or other local authorities for help with the problem?
  7. Have I taken my neighbor to small claims court or regular court to address this problem?
  8. Is the problem getting worse (e.g., louder noise, messier yard, continued trespassing or criminal activity)?
  9. Has my neighbor retaliated against me in any manner (physical or verbal threats) because I have complained about the problem?

If you answered yes to these questions (especially 8 and 9), it might be time to consider

moving away from the problem. While no move assures you of peace and harmony, moving away from your current problem after you have made every attempt to remedy it will probably improve your quality of life.

Or you may want to consider that something else in your life is bothering you and this is contributing to the frustration you are feeling with common community behaviors (loud music during the day, babies crying at night, etc.)

This Neighborhood Association Resouce Guide is to assist you. By no means, these suggestions are complete set of rules that must be followed. It is merely a starting point with helpful information to effectively organize, mediate and avoid escalating a situation with your neighbor(s). Legal counsel is recommended to fit the unique needs of your city ordinance, neighborhood association and/or issues with your neighbor.