The Garbage User Fee (GUF) is the fee that residents pay for their garbage and recycling collection. Only those residents that pay the garbage user fee can use the solid waste services offered by the City. Single family dwellings are charged $12.00 per month on their water bill. Multiple family dwellings ranging from two to four units are charged $24.00 per month. Dwellings with more than four living units, as well as businesses, must use a private hauler. They cannot use City services, and must provide proof of their private hauler to the Solid Waste Department. The proof can be a copy of their most recent bill, or a copy of the contract.

Residents who convert a multi-unit dwelling to a single-family home can appeal to have the garbage user fee reduced to the single rate. If you are requesting such a change please use the link to the appeal form below. 

Residential dwellings converted to a commercial facility must appeal using the link to the form below in order to have it removed from their utility bill.


Copy of the Garbage User Fee appeals form,  pdfClick Here!