The Street Department grades alleys and berms on a regularly scheduled basis. Since some berms and alleys do not hold up as well as others, in addition to grading on a regular basis we also address citizen's requests for grading.

Stone is added to the alleys or berms only when needed, not necessarily when requested. Many times adding more stone than is needed can cause drainage problems.

While some grading may take place during winter months if the weather is mild (above freezing), the primary months for this activity is April through October. Grading requirements and the length of time a particular job can take can vary greatly. Because of this it is difficult to say how many times a season grading will take place. Our goal is to keep the alleys and berms in as good of shape as possible.

Note: Berm areas for residential chip and seal streets only extend 18"-24" from edge of the pavement. If there is a parking area along the street, it is the responsibility of those who use it to maintain it.

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