Beginning with the winter season of 1996/1997 the Street Department no longer supplies the salt barrels and stands. It will be the responsibility of the neighborhoods or organizations to supply the barrel and stand. We will fill them initially and keep them filled throughout the winter season and empty them at the end of the year. It will additionally be the responsibility of those setting out the barrel and stand to pick them up and store them when not needed.

Please keep in mind salt barrels should be placed for use on city street intersections, cross walks and other public right of ways that may become hazardous during slippery conditions. (i.e.: curves, steep inclines, etc.) Salt barrels are not placed with the intention of being a free supply of salt for people to take home for private use.

In order to prevent excessive confusion, we would require requests for filling of salt barrels be submitted by the neighborhood association president or a representative. Requests will need to be approved by the Street Department. When you have locations you want to place barrels at, you will need to submit a written request, signed by the association president or representative, to the Street Department before barrels are placed. Feel free to call our office and we will send or fax you the form necessary to apply for salt barrel service. Your completed request can be mailed or faxed to the Street Department. We will make an onsite inspection to determine if placement is justified. Once inspection is completed, you will be contacted as to the status of your request.

When you make requests, please be specific. For example: the intersection of Trier and Wyandotte -on the northwest corner. Without a specific location it can sometimes be difficult to ascertain as to whether or not a barrel is needed. Your request will be kept on file at the Street Department. This should help alleviate any problems that could come up at a later date.

If at any time you need to revise the list, you may notify us. If we feel a barrel is not being used or is not used as intended, we will notify you to see if it can or should be removed from the list.

We ask that you please be prudent in your requests. It can get out of hand very quickly if neighborhoods want to place barrels at every intersection, especially if they will not be used.

Thank you for your cooperation in this endeavor.

Request for Salt Barrel Request form

pdfSalt Barrel diagram

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