Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Fort Wayne Cat Missing Five Years Recovered with Microchip

Virginia Fryback  Charlie midVirginia Fryback of Fort Wayne couldn't believe she was being contacted about her lost cat Charlie. He disappeared from home five years ago and although she searched, he seemed to have vanished. That is until 10 year old Charlie showed up at Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control on Monday, April 20. We scanned the cat and discovered Charlie has a microchip that identifies Virginia Fryback as the owner.

Our shelter routinely scans all lost pets for a microchip and it's wonderful when we find one and can notify an owner that we have their lost pet. The chip has likely saved Charlie's life because most people choose to adopt a much younger cat.

Microchips are tiny transponders, about the size of a grain of rice, that use radio frequency waves to transmit information about an animal. They're designed to last about 25 years and they are implanted by a veterinarian or animal shelter just under the skin, usually right between the shoulder blades.

Fryback stated that she is extremely grateful that her veterinarian convinced her to get a microchip for Charlie when he was a kitten. "I never thought I see him again," said Fryback.

Did Your Dog Leave Something Behind?

clean up after petsAnimal waste left in public areas and in neighborhood yards is a familiar complaint to our department. As much as neighbors might enjoy seeing your dog, they do not enjoy seeing what he leaves behind. Now that warmer temperatures are here, your dogs will be spending more time outside and enjoying long walks in city parks on thier leash. As a reminder, sanitation law requires citizens to remove animal waste immediately from public lands and from the property of another. Citizens must also maintain their own animal areas in a sanitary manner regularly and as often as necessary to prevent odor, or health and sanitation problems.

When sharing common areas, be considerate of where you take your dog to eliminate. Although it is not a legal requirement to remove animal urine, allowing a dog to eliminate in public areas where children play is unsanitary. If you encounter an ongoing problem concerning animal sanitation, report the concern by calling us at 427-1244 or email to: If possible, a timely photograph has been known to result in a $50 citation to the animal's owner.

Parvo Virus & Heartworm Disease

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