Fort Wayne is governed under a Mayor-Council form of government where the elected Mayor serves as head of the executive branch. The Mayor may serve unlimited four-year terms and is the chief executive officer for the City. The legislative oversight body for the City is the Common Council of the City of Fort Wayne. The council is composed of nine elected Council members who serve four-year terms. A council member represents each of the six councilmanic districts and three are elected at-large.



    • District 1             Thomas Smith


    • District 2             Russell Jehl


    • District 3             Thomas Didier


    • District 4             Mitch Harper


    • District 5             Geoff Paddock


    • District 6             Glynn A. Hines


    • At-Large             John N. Crawford


    • At-Large             John Shoaff


  • At-Large             Marty Bender