Property Sidewalk, Drive Approach, Carriage/Yard Walk, and Curb Replacement

We the undersigned, property-owner(s), do hereby petition the City of Fort Wayne Board of Public Works for neighborhood capital improvement(s) indicated below. (NOTE: Property-owners within the project’s limits will pay 50% of the cost of the improvements on their property only; the City will pay 50% of these costs). By signing this petition, the signatory affirms that the Property Owner(s) would like to participate in the 50/50 Program. Confirmation of how much work is needed and cost associated with it will be established on future letter prior to ANY work starting. The signature affirms the work being asked is only associated with the property/parcel they own. Petition is only valid if property owner(s) listed on deed sign.

Contact Information & Property Address for 50/50 Work

Signatures: Petition must be signed by all property owners listed on deed. Please return to have an estimate/price associated to the petition. The City of Fort Wayne will contact you with any questions prior the final letter being sent for work to begin. Please list mailing address of home owner(s).

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