Open Streets Fort Wayne is a fun, family-friendly day that builds community and offers fitness and recreational opportunities for FREE to residents.

On August 18th, 2024 Fort Wayne will host its 7th annual event along the Calhoun Street Corridor. We are excited to be able to continue our promotion of a healthy, thriving community through this transformative event.

Boy on BikeCropped

The event opens up almost two miles of roadway to walking, biking, rollerblading and more. The streets, closed to traffic, are free of cars and open to be used for fun, fitness, and recreation. In many ways, Open Streets is Fort Wayne's largest block party!  This experience allows residents to enjoy and see the community like never before.

This year’s Open Streets Fort Wayne directly connected the neighborhoods of West Central, East Central, LaRez, Hoagland Masterson, Historic Williams Woodland, Fairfield and Williams Park with the Central Business District on Calhoun Street. The route is over 20 blocks stretching from The Landing to Pontiac Street. 

While Open Streets encourages active transportation such as walking and cycling, it also encourages CONNECTION with the central business district and with multiple neighborhoods.

Previous event activities have included dancing in the streets, giant board games like jenga, chess and checkers, street hockey, wiffle ball, pickleball, cornhole, live music, and much, much more. When we Open the Streets, we open them to ADVENTURE, COMMUNITY, and DISCOVERY. Join us at our next event and experience it for yourself!


Open Streets began over 20 years ago in Bogota, Columbia.

Today, more than 100 cities around the globe, from Cape Town to Toronto, to Berkley, to Pittsburgh and now to Fort Wayne,
are coming together for this free, fun-filled day.