The City of Fort Wayne is fortunate to have excellent social workers as part of our Fort Wayne Police Department. The month of March is National Social Worker Month and serves as an opportunity to highlight the importance of social workers. The theme for this year’s special month is Empowering Social Workers.

We want to recognize and thank Amber Leichty, Tamra Powell, Darcy Robins, and Madalyn Robrock for the outstanding work being done each day by our team of social workers. Please know that you are valued and appreciated.

An ongoing success story centers around HART (Hope and Recovery Team, made up of social workers and detectives) as the team in 2023 followed up with 1,341 addicted individuals to help with treatment and recovery services, reached 2,996 unhoused individuals with Handing Out Hope and Street Outreach events, and engaged the community with 29,820 page views on social media.

Social work continues to be in high demand, with several states reporting shortages of social workers and other mental health services providers. Social workers are also on the forefront of pressing issues, including providing services to our aging population, treating people affected by an ongoing opioid addiction crisis, and helping people find affordable housing and adequate health care. National Social Worker Month - Empowering Social Workers underscores the need for all of us to better support social workers to address societal issues.

From left to right are our social workers for the City of Fort Wayne - Madalyn Robrock, Amber Leichty, Tamra Powell and Darcy Robins.