Drivers encouraged to use alternative routes

The City of Fort Wayne has placed barricades at several locations due to high water.  Residents are asked to avoid these areas if at all possible.  Residents are also reminded to not drive through standing water as depths are deceiving and under currents can be strong.  

This list will be updated at approximately 4 p.m. today.

These streets are either closed or experiencing high water. Drivers are encouraged to use alternative routes to avoid these areas until further notice.

'€¢    Salge and St. Joe Center Road
'€¢    Eastbrook and Westbrook
'€¢    Anthony and Edgewater
'€¢    Anthony and Columbia
'€¢    Maumee and Fairview
'€¢    Autumn Ridge and Illinois Road
'€¢    Wayne Trace and Anthony
'€¢    Garfield and Tilden
'€¢    Taylor and Freeman
'€¢    Reed St. and Rudisill
'€¢    Fletcher and Wayne Trace
'€¢    Reynolds at Coliseum
'€¢    Anthony and Creighton
'€¢    Delta and Edgewater
'€¢    Salge and St. Joe Center Road
'€¢    Mayflower and Winchester
'€¢    Bradbury and Prairie Grove
'€¢    Park and Waldron Circle

'€¢    Winter Street between Oxford and Grier
'€¢    2000 block of Carterton
'€¢    2700 block of South Park
'€¢    North River Road from Maysville to Fort Wayne city limits
'€¢    Orchard Lane between Fairbrook and Pine Manor
'€¢    Thieme Drive between Main and Washington
'€¢    Rockhill between Berry and Washington
The City also has set up four locations for residents in danger of flooding to make their own sandbags. The Street Department has placed piles of sand and bags at these locations.  The locations are:

Portage Middle School '€“ 3521 Taylor Street
Broadview Florist '€“ 5409 Winchester Road
Taylor University '€“ 1025 W. Rudisill Blvd.
(parking lot on the south side of Rudisill)
Southwest Conservation Club '€“ 5701 Bluffton Road

Residents with issues or concerns related to flooding may call 311 for assistance.