Single curbside collection for each address; Parks'€™ sites remain open

The City of Fort Wayne and Mayor Tom Henry remind residents to take branches and tree limbs to drop-off sites if their neighborhood has already had its curbside collection following the Dec. 19 ice storm.

City officials have noticed piles of tree limbs placed at the curb after crews have already come through.

“Our crews of City employees and private contractors are going systematically through Fort Wayne to make sure each street is picked up,” Mayor Henry said. “However unlike leaf pick-up, which has two collection cycles, we are only coming through each neighborhood once for tree limbs because of the cost and volume. If you still have branches you want to remove from your property after your street has been picked up, you can use the drop-off sites we have open.”

More than half of Fort Wayne'€™s neighborhoods have had their tree limbs collected.

The Parks and Recreation Department brought out emergency tree crews earlier this week to remove the small number of tree limbs that fell during the high winds, but those crews have resumed their ice storm pick-up schedule.

The City will be posting an updated map, dated Feb. 13, of the 52 pruning sectors on the City'€™s Web site. It shows the areas where crews have already cleaned up the branches left curbside, where crews are working, and the next locations to be picked up.

To see a map of the branch collection sectors, visit

The City has kept the drop-off collection sites for branches and limbs, where they will later be mulched, open. They are:

'€¢    Shoaff Park by Conklin Pavilion (Christmas tree drop-off site) during park hours
'€¢    Tillman Park Ball Field parking lot off Hanna Street during park hours
'€¢    McMillen Park in pool parking lot (Christmas tree drop-off site) during park hours
'€¢    Foellinger Theater / Lincolndale lot in Franke Park '€“ back parking lot southwest corner (Christmas tree drop-off site) during park hours
'€¢    Foster Park West in the soccer field parking lot (Christmas tree drop-off site) during park hours
'€¢    Biosolids Compost Facility, 6210 Lake Ave., 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, branch drop-off fees waived
'€¢    National Serv-all Compost Site, 6231 MacBeth Road, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday, branch drop-off fees waived

To see a map of the branch drop-off sites, visit