Plan-it Allen!, the first-ever, joint land use and development plan for Allen County and Fort Wayne, will be presented to several governing bodies in February and March.

Preliminary timeline:

Feb. 13: Introduction to Fort Wayne City Council

Feb. 19: Fort Wayne Plan Commission public hearing

Feb. 26: Fort Wayne Plan Commission possible recommendation

Mar. 8: Allen County Plan Commission public hearing

Mar. 15: Allen County Plan Commission possible recommendation

Mar. 20: Fort Wayne City Council discussion

Mar. 27: Fort Wayne City Council possible approval

Mar. 30: Allen County Commissioners discussion and possible approval

Once the plan is approved by City Council and County Commissioners; Monroeville, Huntertown, Grabill, and Woodburn can consider adopting the plan.

The plan will serve as the official policy document for addressing issues related to growth and development in Allen County and Fort Wayne.

Plan-it Allen! has been shaped by community involvement and examined areas such as economic development, transportation, housing and neighborhoods, and community identity to name a few.

Allen County and Fort Wayne launched the Plan-it Allen! process in 2003. This is the first time in over 20 years that both County and City plans have been updated.

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