Mayor Henry to seek input during neighborhood partnership meetings

Mayor Tom Henry today Tuesday he will solicit public input on the budgetary impact of recent actions by the state legislature. Mayor Henry will ask residents to attend the neighborhood partnership meetings during the month of May.

During the meetings, Mayor Henry and City staff will present an overview of the legislation, the results of the City'€™s internal analysis, including possible impacts on City programs and services, and a report on the City'€™s ongoing cost-saving measures.
“Due to the loss of almost $6 million from the 2009 budget, careful analysis of the City'€™s budget is critical, and it will take time to thoroughly examine all divisions and departments. Contrary to some reports, I have not proposed that the City Council raise the local option income tax. I have stated repeatedly that at this critical time, all options are on the table and must be investigated. I will wait until our review of the budget is complete and at that time will present our analysis to the taxpayers,” Henry said. “I am issuing an invitation not only to the taxpayers of Fort Wayne and Allen County, but also to the local school districts and all elected officials, both city and county to participate. We are all in this together. It is critical for the community to be involved in the choices we make.”

The exact dates, times and locations of the Mayor'€™s presentations at the neighborhood partnership meetings will be released soon