Resource available on City website

Mayor Tom Henry released the new Community Builders A-Z Resource Guide, a 144-page compilation that will help residents access local government and community organizations more efficiently.

Compiled alphabetically and available on the City'€™s Web site, the Guide is organized as a resource in addition to being a directory. The Community Builders A-Z Resource Guide is a unique, comprehensive guide released by the City and County.

“The Community Guide is a great resource for Fort Wayne and Allen County residents,” Henry said. “The Guide makes local government more open and accessible by providing insight into the services that are useful to people on a regular basis. It benefits not only people new to the local community, but also those who have lived here their entire lives.”

City and County leaders know it will be useful to Fort Wayne and Allen County residents.

“We'€™re happy to be partnering with the City on such a valuable cooperative project for our citizens,” said Allen County Commissioner Bill Brown. “This guide will be a great resource for people who have questions about the operation of County and City governments.”

Community and non-profit organizations may want to keep a copy of the Guide on file.

“The idea of a comprehensive guide came from some of the Neighborhood Association presidents who were always looking for information to share in their newsletters.  Then with the assistance of county leaders and requests for a government services resource, the project became a priority,” said Denise Porter-Ross, NE Area Advocate.

The Community Builders A-Z Resource Guide is currently available here. An Office Depot coupon for 15 percent off the cost of printing is also available online with the Guide.