Fort Wayne Firefighters voted over the last three days to elect two representatives, one each from different political parties, to be appointed to serve on the newly formed Merit Commission. Democratic candidates were Arthur Heredia and James Corbat; Republican candidates were Abner Crosby and J. Michael Loomis. 91 ballots were cast over the three days and votes were tallied at the closing of the voting last night at the Fort Wayne Professional Firefighters Local 124 Union Hall. Abner Crosby received the most votes (70 votes) followed by Arthur M. Heredia receiving 57 votes. Crosby will be appointed to a 4-year term and Heredia to a 2-year term by virtue of number of votes received.

Abner Crosby is a retired Fort Wayne firefighter and Arthur Heredia is a retired Director of Facilities Engineer. They will join the Mayor'€™s 3 appointments, Sharon Peters, Quinton Dixie and Frank Cassagrande to make up the five-member Commission. The Merit Commission will oversee the hiring, promotion, evaluation and discipline of the Fort Wayne Firefighters. Members will be sworn-in March 2nd, 2009 at 5:00 P.M. prior to the Commission'€™s initial meeting that will take place on the 5th floor of the Fort Wayne Police headquarters located on Creighton Street.