October 31, 2019 - Two years ago, alley reconstruction, the repair of dilapidated pathways that are a vital part of neighborhoods and residents living in those neighborhoods, had never been initiated in the City of Fort Wayne. But since deciding to fix the City’s alleys, construction has moved full steam ahead. Today, Mayor Tom Henry joined residents of the Northside Neighborhood Association, City Council members, and staff from the Public Works Division to celebrate a milestone of completing five miles of alley reconstruction. 

“Alleys serve an important function for homeowners and neighborhoods, and it’s vital for us to maintain and improve our infrastructure system,” said Mayor Henry. “By working together, we’ve increased our efforts to strengthen neighborhoods and improve the quality of life for residents.”

The fifth mile completed is the alley between East State Boulevard and Forest, California, and Alabama Avenues. The alley had deep ruts and sections that were worn away in several locations, making it difficult to maneuver. 

“We know that alley reconstruction can be disruptive to a neighborhood, and we appreciate residents being patient as the projects take place,” said Shan Gunawardena, Director of the Public Works Division for the City of Fort Wayne. “Alleys are essential to daily living in many of our neighborhoods, and we are committed to continued repairs for years to come.” 

Alley improvements are possible by bipartisan efforts from City Council members who worked with Mayor Henry to fund the repairs. City Councilmen Dr. John Crawford, Tom Didier, Tom Freistroffer, Glynn Hines, Geoff Paddock and Michael Barranda voted in favor of the plan to provide additional revenues for needed neighborhood infrastructure enhancements and future phases of riverfront development.

Neighborhood alley improvements fit well within Mayor Henry’s commitment to strengthen neighborhoods. Signs of neighborhood improvements are visible throughout the community. A record amount of investment, $180 million, has taken place in Fort Wayne neighborhoods since the start of the 2014 construction season.

Alley reconstruction of the five miles occurred between the following locations over the past two years:  

Broadway, Beaver, W. Oakdale, Kinsmoor - Two blocks long

Central, Plaza, McKee, Pontiac

Sherman, Barthold, W. Fourth, W. Third

E. Pontiac, Colerick, Reed, Lillie -West block complete

E Suttenfield, E. Woodland, S. Calhoun, S. Clinton – One block plus T-half block

Fairfield, Hoagland   Kinnaird, W. Wildwood

Hoagland, Shawnee, W. Wildwood   Leith

Home, Beechwood, S. Wayne, dead end

Hugh, Eliza, Francis, Ohio

Kentucky, Crescent, State, Nevada - Three blocks

Kinnaird, W. Wildwood, Beaver, S. Wayne

Kinnaird, W. Wildwood, Indiana, and Beaver

Lewis, Hugh, Francis, Chute

Lillie, S. Anthony, Alliger, Hayden

Lynn, Dodge, Rolston, Beacon

  1. State, Forest, California, Alabama
  2. State, Forest, Alabama, Florida

North-South: McKinnie, Baxter, Avondale Dr, Warsaw

Oakland, Andrew, Spring, Fourth –Two blocks

Oakland, Sherman, Greenlawn, Archer

Oxford, Grier, Oliver, Bowser

Rudisill, Baxter, Smith, Oliver

  1. Clinton, Lafayette, Dalman, E. Wildwood

Spatz, Gaywood, E. Pettit, McKinnie –Five blocks

  1. State, Lynn, Carew, Rolston
  2. Fourth. W. Third, Schilling, Franklin – Long block
  3. Packard, Kinnaird, Beaver, S. Wayne
  4. Packard, Kinnaird, Indiana, South Wayne

W.Suttenfield, W.Taber, Webster, S.Harrison

W.Wallace, W.Masterson, S. Calhoun, Harrison

W, Wallace, W. Masterson, Harrison, Webster

Warsaw, S. Monroe, E. Maplegrove, E. Sherwood Terrace

Webster, S. Harrison, E. Wildwood, Killea - Phase 1

Webster, S. Harrison, E. Wildwood, Killea - Phase 2

Weisser Park, South Park, E. Pettit, Congress –Three blocks

Wells, Cass, Third, W. Fourth

Winter, Lillie, Lewis, Hayden

Alley projects currently underway:

  1. Pontiac, Colerick, Reed, Lillie – East block under construction.

Fox, Fairfield, Creighton, W. Dewald – Under construction

Rudisill, Baxter, Oliver, Bowser – Under construction

Killea, W. Wildwood, Hoagland, Webster – Contract Awarded

McKinnie, Senate, Smith, Bowser – Contract Awarded

Sherman, Barthold, W. Fourth, W. Third – Contract Awarded

  1. Foster Parkway, Lexington, Buell, Hoagland -– Contract Awarded

W Kensington, Woodward, Lynn, E. State Blvd – Contract Awarded