December 11, 2019 - Over the past six years, nearly 3,000 infrastructure improvements were completed in Fort Wayne neighborhoods totaling $180 million. This year continued that work with a record $31 million investment on roads, alleys, sidewalks and trails. This afternoon, Mayor Tom Henry joined neighborhood leaders, members of the Fort Wayne City Council and staff members from the Public Works Division to celebrate the accomplishments.

“I’m committed to continuing infrastructure projects that support residents and strengthen the neighborhoods they live in,” said Mayor Henry. “We are making a difference in all parts of the community. Building better roads, creating new transportation options for pedestrians and bicyclists, and enhancing the places we live with drainage improvements, new lighting and enhanced landscaping are critical to advancing Fort Wayne as a great place to live, work and play.”

Residents have seen the completion of more than 350 miles of street upgrades since 2014. This year continued this trend with more than 60 miles of street improvements. 

2019 accomplishments:

  • 47-miles of asphalt resurfacing on 100 streets including major projects on Hanna Street, McKinnie Avenue, St. Joe Center Road, , Taylor Street, Sherman Boulevard and West State Boulevard. 
  • Completed large reconstruction projects, including roads, sidewalks, trails, water and drainage upgrades, lighting and landscaping on Dupont and Maysville Roads. 
  • Intersection lane upgrades occurred on Harris Road and West Coliseum Boulevard. 
  • Extensive concrete work that included sidewalk, curb, ADA ramps and street repair finished in the neighborhoods of Caribe Colony, Greater McMillen Park (phases 1&2), Oakmont, Deerfield Estates and Hillsboro. 
  • More than six miles of sidewalk trip hazard repair work.
  • New sidewalks on Decatur, Dupont, Maysville, St. Joe Center and Reed, North Clinton and Jefferson.
  • More than four miles of new trails on Lake Avenue, Summit Park and Hanna Street.
  • Nearly four miles of alley reconstruction that took us to the five mile mark over the past 2 years.

“A record amount of transportation infrastructure improvements is an amazing feat. Certainly, we are proud to complete major corridor projects that connect neighborhoods. But we are most pleased that we’re making improvements right where residents live -- on their street and in their neighborhood,” said Shan Gunawardena, Director of Public Works. “In 2019, we worked in more than 190 neighborhoods and we are committed to continuing those neighborhood efforts in 2020.”

In 2020, the multi-year projects of Goshen Road and State Boulevard will open to traffic and the comprehensive reconstruction of roads, sidewalks, curbs and ADA ramps will wrap-up in the Woodhurst and Aboite Meadows neighborhoods. 

New projects in 2020 include:

  • Comprehensive neighborhood work in Tanbark Trails and Aspen Village
  • Hobson Road from Coliseum to Stellhorn
  • The bridge over Bullerman Drain on East State Boulevard

The announcement of the full list of 2020 projects, which will total a record of $33.3 million will come in the spring. 

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