June 10, 2021 - The National Civic League has designated Fort Wayne an All-America City. This is the fourth time Fort Wayne received the award for engaging residents in innovative, inclusive and effective efforts to tackle critical challenges. The spotlight for the 2021 Award was on building equity and resilience. The City of Fort Wayne’s application highlighted three community-building projects as examples of its efforts: Riverfront Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne UNITED, and Fort Wayne Community Schools’ Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Center.

“Being named an All-America City is a tremendous accomplishment and is an indication of how Fort Wayne is moving forward in the right direction,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “We’re working each day to provide opportunities for every person who calls Fort Wayne home. Collectively, we’re doing everything possible to engage, innovate, and perform, and I truly believe our best days are ahead of us.”

Fort Wayne’s All-America City presentation is available to view at Facebook.com\CityOfFortWayne.

After the presentation, Civic Action League Board Member Teree Caldwall-Johnson said, “Congratulations Fort Wayne for the amazing work. I think that this really sort of signals how you have used and really infused both your physical capital, your social capital and your human capital to the benefit of your community.”

The City of Fort Wayne submitted its All-America City application for consideration in February and was chosen to be one of twenty finalists.  Each of the finalists were required to make a ten minute presentation, allowing another ten minutes for questions from the National Civic League judging committee. Fort Wayne’s presentation took place Wednesday morning during a Facebook Live event that the public was invited to attend.

The All-America City Award has been given to 10 communities each year since 1949. This year’s finalist communities, representing 15 states, ranged in size from 9,000 residents to over 1.2 million. Fort Wayne was named an All-America City in 1983, 1998 and 2009.

Learn more about the All-America City Award and the National Civic League: CityOfFortWayne.org/allamericacity.html