December 9, 2021 - Mayor Tom Henry has recognized milestone years of service for 64 City of Fort Wayne employees.

“City of Fort Wayne employees are committed to providing excellent services to residents, neighborhoods, and businesses,” said Mayor Henry. “It’s a highlight each year to recognize employees for their years of outstanding public service. By working together, Fort Wayne is an award-winning community that’s positioned for current and future success.”

The following individuals were honored:

50 years
Thomas Pallone, City Utilities Planning and Design Services

45 years
Christopher Gach, Water Pollution Control Plant

40 years
Molly Banks, Water Maintenance
Gregory Blessing, Street Department
William Michael, Police

35 years
Robert Amber, Fire
James Deathe, Transportation Administration
Lorrie Freiburger, Police
Charles Holiness, Water Maintenance
Randall Hosford, Police
Jay Hursh, Stormwater Maintenance
Anthony Maze, Police
David Meyer, Street Department
Nathan Parker, Street Light Operations
Julie Pedraza, Water Pollution Control Maintenance
Brian Schaefer, Water Maintenance
Rick Seals, Development Services
Brian Shimkus, Street Department
Paul Shrawder, Police
Steven Suarez, Police
Mark Walters, Police
Jeffery Weichselfelder, Police
Michael Williamson, Water Maintenance

30 years
George Aldridge, Street Light Operations
James Berger, Transportation Administration
Marsha Black, Fire
John Crawford, Fire
Carlos Gomez-Espino, Fire
Glenn Gerke, Water Filtration Plant
Michael Heastan, Fire
Joe Johnson, Water Pollution Control Administration
Matthew Loraine, Fire
Thomas Mann, Water Pollution Control Plant
Gregory McDirmit, Street Project Management
Garry Morr, Controller
James Noll, Fire
George O’Hara, Water Maintenance
Charles Sherwood, CCP
Richard Sorg, Fire
Nancy Townsend, Community Development
Timothy Vachon, Police
Peter Wormcastle, Street Department

25 years
Joseph Bonahoom, City Council
Todd Brinker, Fire
Patricia Davis, Community Center
Maria Gomez-Espino, City Utilities Development Services
Scott Estridge, Fire
Michael Girardot, Fire
Patrick Kohn, Water Pollution Control Plant
Eric Lahey, Fire
Adam O’Connor, Fire
Kristine Powell, Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo
Todd Prindle, Fire
Frank Pugh, Water Pollution Control Plant
Sharon Pugh, Customer Support
Ty Reed, Fire
Kevin Richardson, Parks Building and Construction
Kevin Sneiderwine, Fire
Scott Sorgen, Fire
Paul Veldman, Fire
Thomas Volz, Fire
Laura Waltenburg, Fleet
David Wood, Parks and Recreation
Jamison York, Fire