December 14, 2021 - City of Fort Wayne leaders today announced nearly $28 million in neighborhood infrastructure improvements occurred throughout the community this construction season.

All four quadrants of the City saw enhancements through investments that included sidewalks, alleys, street lighting, concrete street reconstruction, asphalt resurfacing, chip and seal, trails, and bridges.

Neighborhood infrastructure highlights (a complete listing of 2021 accomplishments are attached to this news release):
*Completed upgrades along 5 major traffic corridors
*3.5 miles of local income tax (LIT) funded sidewalks and over 3 miles of new sidewalks as part of road reconstruction projects
*Sidewalk trip hazard eliminations in 25 neighborhoods
*ADA ramp improvements in 8 neighborhoods
*9 concrete alleys
*4 brick alleys
*Street lighting improvements at 16 locations
*Neighborhood concrete street rehabilitation in 10 neighborhoods
*Nearly 43 centerline miles of asphalt resurfacing
*7.2 miles of chip and seal work
*2.5 miles of chip and seal streets overlaid with asphalt
*4 major trail projects
*1 major bridge project

“I continue to be encouraged by the momentum and investments we’re experiencing in Fort Wayne. This year’s construction efforts were outstanding as we made improvements that will have lasting impact,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “It’s vital to have a transportation system that is safe and efficient. Our community is a recognized leader in providing essential services that make a positive difference.”

“I’m appreciative of the efforts of my staff and the contractors in our area for the excellent work that was completed this construction season,” said Shan Gunawardena, director, City of Fort Wayne Public Works Division. “We continue to make progress in addressing neighborhood infrastructure needs. We’re doing more work than ever before to enhance the quality of life in our community.”

Looking ahead to 2022, residents and businesses will see a continuation of the City's commitment to neighborhood infrastructure projects with a planned record investment of $38.5 million, which includes $29.1 million for streets/roads/bridges, $6 million for sidewalks and alleys, and $3.4 million for trails. Since 2014, the City has invested more than $200 million in neighborhood infrastructure enhancements.

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