December 20, 2021 - The Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department is providing an update on the department’s 2021 capital improvement projects and programs. Over 100 projects were completed in 2021 and the City of Fort Wayne invested approximately $3 million in Parks and Recreation Department improvements this year.

“I continue to be impressed with the outstanding programming and recreational opportunities being offered by the Parks and Recreation Department,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “Our quality of life is enhanced by having award-winning parks in the City of Fort Wayne. Individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds are benefitting from the services being provided.”

The completed 2021 Capital Improvement Projects include:

  • Franke Park Renaissance Design Plan
  • ADA Improvements at Northside, Kreager, Cooper Center
  • Botanical Conservatory Megaflora Art Installation
  • Botanical Conservatory Exterior Fountain Liner Installation
  • Botanical Conservatory Window Glass Replacement
  • Foellinger Theatre Digital Sign Upgrades
  • Franke Park Pavilion #2 Roof Replacement
  • Franke Park Zoo Parking Lot Improvements
  • Jennings Center Parking Lot New Lighting Installation
  • Kettler Park Open-Air Pavilion Renovation
  • Kreager Park Picnic Shelter Addition at Playground
  • Lakeside Park Fishing and Overlook Pier Renovation
  • McMillen Park Aquatics Center Site Improvements
  • McMillen Park Golf Course Golf Cart Paths Replacement
  • Memorial Park Allen Co. Veterans Memorial Monument Relocation
  • Northside Park Tennis Courts Recoating
  • Paving Projects at McMillen, Lakeside, Vesey, Memorial, Shoaff and Swinney Parks
  • Promenade Park Playground Restroom Building Addition
  • Weisser Park Playground Replacement
  • Youth Centers Kitchen Improvements Including New Appliances

2022 promises to continue this momentum with several projects scheduled to begin soon, including:

  • Franke Park Renaissance Phase 1 construction
  • Botanical Conservatory window glass replacement
  • Bowser Park pavilion improvements
  • Community Center flooring replacement
  • Community Center parking lot paving
  • Foellinger Theater entrance sidewalk and drainage improvements
  • Tennis court recoating and conversion to pickleball (Foster Park, Hamilton Park, Lakeside Park)
  • Franke Park Nature Lodge roof replacement
  • Hanna Homestead pavilion roof replacement
  • Jennings Center playground structure replacement
  • Kreager Park Taylor’s Dream playground safety surface replacement
  • Lakeside Park pavilions exterior improvements
  • McMillen Park Golf Course cart paths paving
  • McMillen Park Golf Course pavilion improvements
  • Memorial Park Sons of Glory Monument improvements
  • Salomon Farm Park barns siding improvements and painting
  • Weisser Park playground benches

In addition to capital improvement projects, the Parks and Recreation Department brought back several programs and events in 2021 that had been cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Summer day camps, Foellinger Theatre concerts, aquatic centers, youth athletics, and many more recreation opportunities returned to the community this year.

“It is important to recognize our Parks and Recreation team as we continued to bring back programs and facilities for the citizens of Fort Wayne,” said Parks and Recreation Director Steve McDaniel. “We had many challenges ahead of us this year and this department met those challenges once again. On behalf of our department, I want to thank Mayor Henry, Fort Wayne City Council, the Board of Park Commissioners and our many private donors for another successful year.”

The City will continue to invest in the Parks & Recreation Department, with $3 million of public funding slated for 2022.

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