December 29, 2021 - Site work to clear the way for construction of The Lofts at Headwaters Park is set to begin in January.  The “Lofts” will be a six-story mixed-use building that will include 217 apartments, 15 townhomes, 12,000 square feet of commercial space and a parking garage with 651 spaces.

The project site is bounded by Duck, Clinton, Superior, and Barr Streets.  It is currently owned by the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission.  The Commission has contracted with Bunn Construction to complete the soil removal and site preparation work.

The site work will include the removal of soil 12 feet in depth, across the entire 2.86-acre site. For safety during excavation and construction, a perimeter fence will be installed around the entire site and sidewalk. Access may be limited or closed during periods of the project.  The scope and nature of this work will also require the removal of trees around the entire site. While tree removal could not be avoided, the project includes the planting of a total of 71 trees on the project site, a net gain of approximately 19 trees from what exists today.

“This environmental remediation and soil removal is a significant step in building the Lofts at Headwaters Park,” said Nancy Townsend, Director of the City’s Community Development Division. “This project will help attract new development and investment, which is important to our downtown area.”

Indianapolis-area based developer Barrett & Stokely will make an investment of roughly $67,750,000 in the project.  The group has also invested in The Riverfront at Promenade Park, an $87,500,000 mixed-use project, which is currently under construction at the corner of Harrison and Superior Streets across from Promenade Park.

"As a City Councilman and as the Executive Director of the Headwaters Park Alliance, I support this transformational project,” said Councilman Geoff Paddock. “Headwaters Park will be open and accessible during the site work. Our robust and exciting festival season will also continue. We look forward to hosting the community and visitors at this beautiful downtown park throughout 2022 and beyond.”

Construction for The Lofts at Headwaters Park is expected to begin in summer of 2022 following the completion of the soil removal and site work.

Club Soda restaurant will remain open during construction and can be easily and safely accessed through the existing entrance facing north towards Headwaters Park. Convenient parking will be provided at no cost to Club Soda patrons during normal business hours at the parking lot at the southeast corner of Superior and Clinton Streets (120 E Superior Street) and public parking is available in additional locations near the restaurant most evenings and weekends.  Additionally, the Commission has coordinated with the Headwaters Alliance and the various festivals in an effort to accommodate the space needed for staging and public parking when festival season begins.  Headwaters Park will remain open and accessible throughout the site work and construction phases of the project.  Additional public parking will be available at the new Riverfront at Promenade Park garage beginning early 2022.