February 2, 2022 – The Board of Commissioners for the County of Allen, Indiana have declared that a State of Emergency for severe winter weather exists in Allen County, Indiana.  Under the authority granted to them under IC 10-14-3-29.5 they further have issued a travel WARNING for all of Allen County, Indiana.  This includes all municipalities contained within Allen County, Indiana.

Allen County has encountered severe winter weather conditions and a threat exists to the lives and property of the people of Allen County; and

The area known as the entire County of Allen and all municipalities contained therein, is immediately threatened with and is receiving severe winter weather and curtailing the protection of the lives and property of the entire Allen County. 

As such, a Warning-level Travel Advisory is hereby issued for Allen County. Travel is restricted to emergency management workers only.  All other individuals are directed to refrain from all travel until further notice.

All citizens are called upon and directed to comply with necessary emergency measures, to cooperate with public officials and Emergency Management/Emergency Responders, and to obey and comply with the lawful directions of properly identified public officers.