March 1, 2022 - The Allen County Board of Commissioners and Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry today signed a proclamation making March “Disability Awareness Month” in the city and county.

The proclamation states, “Disability is an integral component of the natural human experience and does not diminish the rightful opportunities for individuals with disabilities to live independently, to make choices, to enjoy self-determination, to contribute to our community, and to participate in the economic, political, social, cultural, and educational mainstream of American society.”

It also states that “the most effective way to increase disability awareness is the participation of people with disabilities in community activities and the willing acknowledgement of every individual’s contribution.”

The mayor and commissioners also commended the work of the Fort Wayne-Allen County Disability Advisory Council for its “role of recommending to City and County governmental departments appropriately inclusive policies, procedures, and programs that enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.”