March 2, 2022CLEAN DRAINS FORT WAYNE: BE River SmART seeks local artists, from enthusiasts to professionals, to be an artist selected to paint one of the storm drain art murals. 

Clean Drains Fort Wayne: Be River SmART is a three-year partnership between Friends of the Rivers and City Utilities. It focuses on community education, outreach and engagement in pursuit of waterway conservation.

The collaboration puts a spotlight on the role of the humble storm drain in protecting our waterways through the creative masterstroke of storm drain murals designed by local artists. Each mural will be unique, but each will communicate the singular message: only rain in the drain

Year one brought more than 30 murals as a way to remind residents that the more than 20,000 storm drains in our neighborhoods are the gateways to our rivers. Through eye-catching storm drain art murals, Clean Drain raises awareness that any trash, dog poop and chemicals that find their way into the community’s storm drains goes directly - and untreated - into Fort Wayne's three rivers. 

Like 2021, Clean Drains is looking for 33 artists to paint storm drain murals. There will be 13 sites in the downtown area and 20 in neighborhoods located in the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest areas of Fort Wayne. 


Application Deadline: May 1, 2022

Selected Artists Notified: June 2022

Painting of Storm Drains: July – September 2022 (Depending on drain's location) 

Where to Apply:

Fort Wayne's vibrant riverfront and waterways are essential to the region's quality of life and economic vitality. Collective vigilance and action is required to protect these enduring natural assets from pollutants.

Friends of the Rivers is a grassroots nonprofit organization elevating the value and importance of Fort Wayne's three rivers. It works to improve the health of the rivers by promoting continual clean-up of the riverbanks, advocating for greener habitats to ensure river-water quality and fostering ownership through education and engagement of these essential waterways.

City Utilities is a regional utility supporting public safety, public health, and the enhancement of Northeast Indiana's economic development by delivering high-quality, affordable water, wastewater and stormwater services in ways that protect the environment. City Utilities is the steward of the city's most essential resource: water.  utilities.cityoffortwayneorg/