March 23, 2022 - Mayor Tom Henry and the City of Fort Wayne’s Public Works Division today announced the 2022 construction plan for neighborhood infrastructure improvements. The projects will total a record $38.5 million.

All four quadrants of the City will see enhancements. This year will feature $29.1 million for streets/roads/bridges, $6 million for sidewalks and alleys, and $3.4 million for trails. Since the 2014 construction season, the City has invested more than $200 million in neighborhood infrastructure enhancements. A listing of planned 2022 projects can be found here:

“Neighborhoods are truly the backbone of our City. That’s why we’re going to invest a record amount in public works projects this year,” said Mayor Henry. “Our proactive efforts help define our ability to be recognized as a community that has a safe and effective transportation system. Businesses and families look to that as a key indicator of where they want to invest their resources.”

Neighborhood infrastructure highlights:
*7 concrete street repairs in 7 neighborhoods
*2 arterial concrete street rehabilitation projects
*2 new street improvement projects
*7 traffic projects
*7 sidewalk projects
*4 brick alleys
*16 concrete alley replacements
*3 major trail projects
*4 bridge projects
*22 projects in study/design/land acquisition phase
*Approximately 40+ centerline miles of asphalt resurfacing
*Approximately 8 miles of chip and seal replacement
*Approximately 3 miles of asphalt overlay of chip and seal streets

“Investing in neighborhoods is a top priority. It’s critical that we make enhancements that will have a lasting and meaningful impact,” said Shan Gunawardena, director, City of Fort Wayne Public Works Division. “We look forward to working with our neighborhoods and City Council as we position Fort Wayne for continued growth and success.”