April 20, 2022 - E-scooters and bikes have returned to Fort Wayne after a winter hiatus. Since 2019 the City of Fort Wayne has partnered with Veo to offer convenient, affordable and sustainable transportation options.

“We’re looking forward to our continued partnership with Veo,” said Nick Jarrell, manager of right of way and landscape services for the City of Fort Wayne and the City of Fort Wayne’s Veo liaison. “The innovative program helps increase transportation access, connect neighborhoods, and improve air quality. Tens of thousands of residents and visitors have used shared scooters and bikes to commute, run errands, visit local restaurants and shops, and explore the city.”

The shared mobility company based in Chicago released 500 electric Astro stand-up scooters and 80 Halo pedal bikes this month.

“We have had the privilege to work closely with the City of Fort Wayne for the past three years to provide sustainable, convenient transportation options to fill the gap between public transit, driving, and walking,” said Candice Xie, CEO of Veo. “With gas prices on the rise, micromobility provides a fun and affordable way for residents and visitors to get where they need to go.”

How to Ride:

  • Using the Veo app, riders scan a QR code to unlock the vehicle. The cost to unlock is $1. Standard pricing for the Astro is 30 cents per minute and the Halo is 5 cents per minute. The Veo Access Plan waives the unlock fee for riders with low incomes.
  • To end a trip, the Veo app helps users locate an approved parking area and take an “end of ride” photo of the properly parked bike or scooter at the end of their ride.  
  • Vehicles can be parked in the sidewalk furniture zone away from the pedestrian right of way. Recommended parking zones are highlighted in the Veo app.

How to contact Veo:

  • Riders and residents can visit the Help Center in the Veo app to report mechanical issues, inappropriate parking, app issues, or to provide general feedback. If they don’t have the app, they can report concerns by contacting Veo at 855-836-2256 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to report the vehicle’s address and–if possible-the vehicle number located in between the handlebars.

About Veo

Veo is bringing the next generation of shared electric bikes and scooters to cities and universities around the world. Founded in 2017 by two Purdue University graduates, Veo operates from a set of values that distinguish us in the industry. We are grounded in financial responsibility: Veo partnered with select cities to achieve profitability before scaling. Our in-house design and manufacturing process allows us to constantly innovate and provide cities with vehicle fleets that are made to last. We develop collaborative, long-term partnerships with cities and universities so we can work together toward a sustainable, safe, and equitable transportation future. Learn more at www.veoride.com.

No tax dollars support the program and Veo is responsible for all equipment and liability. Any questions or complaints should be directed to the City of Fort Wayne’s 311 line, Veo at 855-836-2256 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..