May 20, 2022 - The City of Fort Wayne’s Goshen Avenue Improvements Project received the 2021 APWA-Indiana Chapter Public Works Project of the Year in the Transportation category.

The $5.3 million Goshen Avenue Improvements Project features a roundabout that improved traffic flow, incorporated pedestrian traffic, and revitalized the neighborhood, including new lighting, an enclosed drainage system, consolidation or removal of multiple access points, and pedestrian friendly walkways along the roadway. The intersection at the roundabout welcomes approximately 18,500 vehicles per day. With the continuous traffic flow from cars no longer stopping at lights, emissions from idling cars is estimated to be reduced by 20%. 

The City also partnered with the Public Arts Commission and Community Development to produce an innovative, welcoming, and functional art installation that would meet the needs of the area and those visiting Fort Wayne. A large sculpture will be placed at the center of the roundabout, representing both the history and the future. Green space with low maintenance plantings were included.

Known for decades as “Five Points,” the intersection of Goshen Avenue, Sherman Boulevard, and Lillian Avenue is part of the historic Lincoln Highway. Before improvements, the signal-controlled intersection had no pedestrian access, no lighting, poor drainage, long traffic delays, and a history of accidents.

There were many aspects that made the intersection and corridor confusing. The intersection contained several businesses without much control over access, which allowed vehicles to move through their property, bypassing the traffic signal. Elementary school children travelled the intersection daily with help from a crossing guard employed to reduce the crossing risk. Although Sherman Boulevard, St. Mary’s Avenue, and several other streets had sidewalks leading to Goshen Avenue, Goshen Avenue had no sidewalk. This forced pedestrians onto shoulders or into the street to reach shopping centers and commercial businesses. Goshen Avenue was wider than needed while only maintaining one lane of two-way traffic. This wide, impervious pavement exasperated drainage problems and caused further pedestrian and traffic issues.

“The improvements to Goshen Avenue will have a lasting and meaningful impact for residents, neighborhoods, and businesses,” said Mayor Henry. “I continue to be encouraged by the positive investments and progress we’re experiencing in our community. It’s critical to have a safe and efficient transportation system to enhance our quality of life and advance additional economic development opportunities. We’ve become a recognized leader and award-winning city in the utilization of best practices to address infrastructure needs.”