July 6, 2022 - After working throughout the night, Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation crews and contractors continue to clear debris and downed trees and barricade flooded roadways and trails from Tuesday evening’s storms. Clearing roadways initially and moving on to clearing street trees on houses, the crews will respond to reports of tree-related debris. Due to the high volume of storm-related failures, the crews ask that tree-related debris be reported through 311 calls.

Parks administration will monitor the reports and direct reaction to the affected areas. It is recommended that the public consider safety first and not enter areas where barricades are in place during this time.

As a result of the storm, all three Parks Golf Courses are closed for the day. Also the following facilities and programs are affected. The Lifetime Sports Academy is closed today. The trails at affected parks are closed. The Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation and Parkview Sports Medicine Junior Golf Tour scheduled for today has been postponed until Monday, July 11 at the original tee times.