January 9, 2023 - Two separate projects require lane restrictions at Superior Circle, the intersection of Wells, Superior, Fairfield and Ewing Street.

Today, crews began work on a consolidation sewer pipe project that will eventually connect combined sewage to the deep rock tunnel, keeping some 12 million gallons of combined sewage out of the St. Marys River when it is complete.

During the construction, Wells Street heading south is closed at the river with no access into Superior Circle. Superior from the east will only have access to Wells Street north.

Fairfield Avenue is open north and south at the Circle, with motorists able to go east on Superior and north on Wells. Southbound Fairfield motorists can connect using Superior from the west of the Circle. The consolidation sewer should be complete by January 30, 2022.

The second project a private development project on Ewing Street between Main and Superior Circle closed Ewing last week in both directions. That project should wrap up by January 24. When completed, the Ewing access to the roundabout will open to traffic.

Note to editors: Sorry for the delay in communication on this update. Last Friday, it looked like the materials needed for the consolidation sewer project would not arrive for several more days, but a shipment did arrive to allow construction to begin.