January 12, 2023 - The Fort Wayne Police Department is now accepting applications for lateral transfers.

Current Police Officers holding a Tier 1 Certification or equivalent, come find out why the grass is greener in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Better pay, better benefits, more support. Applications are being accepted through March 10, 2023.

Visit https://joinfwpd.org/lateral-transfer/ to begin the process.

Connect with a Recruiter now by texting JoinFWPD to 260-233-9850.

Starting Pay: $62,505.90

--- After 6 months $69,451.00

--- 2024: $72,924.00 (approx).

Vacation: 7 days year 1, max at 34

Personal Days: 10 per year

Take home car program

All equipment provided

Pension eligible at 20 years of service

Shift Differential:

-- 2nd shift $3300/yr

-- 3rd shift: $6600/yr

Education & Military Bonus

Paid overtime

Retention/Longevity pay starts at $1500/yr in 2nd year.

Want to know more? Visit us at www.joinfwpd.org. Out of state Officers must have 1 year of experience. Testing begins March 23rd with a start date of July 17th, 2023.