February 10, 2023 - Reliable, timely, and efficient ambulance service is a top priority in the City of Fort Wayne. Mayor Tom Henry continues to work with City Administration senior staff, the TRAA board of directors, and TRAA leadership to ensure that residents continue to receive life-saving care.

The City Administration anticipates receiving a request from TRAA for supplemental funding assistance for a period of time. We also recognize that a request will likely be made to Allen County government for financial assistance as well. City and County councils, as the fiscal bodies, will be tasked with voting on the upcoming requests to financially support TRAA and their efforts to provide quality ambulance services to the community.

In a demonstration of proactive leadership, Mayor Henry has directed division leaders in the City Administration to set up a plan with financial modeling and forecasts to be ready to respond when needed. This would help ensure that the City is being good stewards of public dollars, while protecting taxpayers and having systems in place to track TRAA’s progress with metrics and benchmarks.

Throughout this entire process of TRAA experiencing changes and challenges, Mayor Henry has received regular reports from the Director of TRAA and the Mayoral appointees to the TRAA Board. Mayor Henry will continue to support TRAA’s efforts to increase staffing and generate self-sustaining revenue.

Residents of the City of Fort Wayne can be assured that they’ll continue to receive ambulance service now and in the future without interruption. Public safety has been and continues to be a top priority.