May 25, 2023 - Mayor Tom Henry today, along with City Administration leaders and neighborhood advocates, announced a proactive plan to invest financial resources in vital projects to continue to move Fort Wayne forward in a positive direction.

The City of Fort Wayne is receiving a local income tax supplemental distribution from the State of Indiana of $22.588 million, which is a much larger allocation than in previous years. With the additional funding, neighborhood infrastructure improvements will total $70 million in 2023, a historic feat for the community.

Potential projects will focus on strengthening neighborhoods and enhancing quality of life opportunities for the public. Today’s announcement occurred at McMillen Park to highlight how new playground equipment could benefit the area as part of Mayor Henry’s plan.

Focus areas:
-Improvements to Parks
-Community Development initiatives
-Energy and the environment
-Enhancing quality of life opportunities
-Strengthening neighborhoods
-Continuing Fort Wayne’s positive momentum

“The positive momentum in Fort Wayne is evident as we work together each day to be a community that’s welcoming and inviting for residents, neighborhoods, businesses, and guests,” said Mayor Henry. “With the additional funding coming to us, we have a unique opportunity to make a lasting and meaningful difference. We must continue to be bold to help ensure that Fort Wayne is the very best.”

Mayor Henry’s Administration will work with City Council on the next steps to bring the planned initiatives to fruition.