August 4, 2023 - The City of Fort Wayne has proposed an ordinance that is scheduled to be introduced at the City Council meeting on August 8 that would set 2024 unleaded fuel prices at $2.75 per gallon through a contract with locally owned Lassus Bros., Inc. The contract price is $2.079 million.

The contract would be for 756,000 gallons and covers all City vehicles that use unleaded fuel. The City’s price for the 2023 calendar year is $2.97. The savings that the City could experience through the new contract is $831,600. This is compared to the current price being paid by consumers at the gas pump, which is $3.85 as of August 4. 

Not all City vehicles are unleaded – the majority of unleaded fuel goes to Police, Parks, Neighborhood Code Compliance, and Parking Enforcement. There are some Public Works, City Utilities, Animal Care and Control, and Fire vehicles that fall under unleaded as well.

“Being good stewards of taxpayer dollars is critical as we work each day to meet the needs of the community. Securing locked in pricing for fuel positions our budget in a favorable manner as we look ahead to 2024,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “Through an ongoing commitment to engagement, innovation, and performance, Fort Wayne is experiencing positive momentum like never before.”

The ordinance will likely be discussed later this month and final passage is possible later this month as well.