October 10, 2023 - Mayor Tom Henry today announced a super voluntary annexation proposal that could lead to a major economic development project for the community.

Earlier this month, a primary development plan, rezoning petition and right of way vacation application were submitted to the Department of Planning Services for approximately 892 acres of real estate located immediately east of Adams Center Road, on the north and south sides of Paulding Road. The project is being put forward by a Fortune 100 technology company that is proposing to develop a data center campus. The company cannot be named at this time due to the competitive nature of their industry. The area is identified in the recently adopted comprehensive plan as a strategic location for this type of economic development project.

Approximately 170 acres of the proposed development site is currently located inside City of Fort Wayne limits. The company is requesting that all remaining project real estate be annexed into the City of Fort Wayne. The petition for voluntary annexation into the City contains signatures from 100% of the landowners in the area.

The area proposed for annexation is rural in character and contains only a few residential homes. The boundary of the proposed annexation area generally follows the City boundary on the north (Paulding Road), the Chicago Fort Wayne Eastern Railroad corridor on the east, portions of Tillman Road on the south and portions of Adams Center Road on the west.

An annexation ordinance and fiscal plan resolution are scheduled to be introduced to City Council later this month.