October 19, 2023 - For the second consecutive year and the third in the past five years, the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water picked the water produced by Fort Wayne's City Utilities for Best Tasting Water in Indiana. The award was announced at the organization's annual Fall Conference at the Grand Wayne Center on Wednesday, Oct. 18.

In winning the award, City Utilities Water will pour into competition at the "Great American Water Taste Test" national competition in the early part of 2024.

“Congratulations to City Utilities on winning another award. It’s vital that we provide safe, clean, affordable, and great-tasting water for the public,” said Mayor Tom Henry. “I continue to be encouraged by the outstanding and professional work being done by our excellent staff at the Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant to ensure that our water supply meets the needs of the community.”

The Three Rivers Filtration Plant can treat up to 72 million gallons of water daily. Water is delivered to homes and businesses through nearly 1,500 miles of water pipe daily.

Judges at the Indiana Alliance event evaluate clarity, odor, and taste to determine yearly awards. City Utilities won one of four regional competitions to qualify for the State's best honor.

Through the event the organization emphasizes the importance of providing residents of Indiana with high-quality, good-tasting water that meets regulatory standards.