March 8, 2024 - The public is being asked to help donate one thousand cleaned and empty milk jugs for a new Buddy Bench to be installed at Citizens Square to recognize Mayor Tom Henry. The milk jugs will allow for a new bench to be built.

Residents may drop off milk jugs to Biggby Coffee at Georgetown, 6568 E. State Blvd., during normal business hours, March 9-23.

Local resident Sammie Vance founded the Buddy Bench initiative in 2017 at the age of eight as an easy way for kids to find companionship. More information about Sammie and the Buddy Bench program can be found here - and

Mayor Henry has been a supporter of Sammie’s Buddy Bench efforts. They have had the privilege of meeting many times at benches around Fort Wayne, and Sammie included him in her book that was published a few years ago.