March 13, 2024 - Mayor Tom Henry and the City of Fort Wayne’s Office of Housing & Neighborhood Services today led a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the beginning of construction for the Innovative Housing Showcase. 

The City of Fort Wayne has partnered with Royal Developments, LLC, a locally-owned housing developer, to undertake this unique project which aims to revolutionize traditional housing approaches by integrating innovative designs, sustainable materials, and efficient construction methods. The primary goal of the showcase is to explore the feasibility of these new construction types while navigating zoning regulations, building permits, and the housing development environment in general.

Key Objectives of the Showcase Include:

Introducing Four New Construction Types: 

  • Featuring four innovative housing construction types, each highlighting unique construction techniques.

Market Viability Assessment: 

  • Conducting market analysis to assess the new construction types' demand, acceptance, and potential market penetration.

Process Testing: 

  • Navigate zoning regulations, building codes, and permit requirements to evaluate the feasibility and scalability of each construction type in real-world applications.

Sustainability Evaluation: 

  • Assessing the environmental impact, energy efficiency, and sustainability credentials of the new construction types to promote eco-friendly housing solutions.

Stakeholder Engagement: 

  • Engaging with builders, developers, policymakers, and community members to gather feedback, address concerns, and foster collaboration.

Stimulating Additional In-Fill Housing Development:

  • Demonstrating how to develop new housing within existing urban neighborhoods.

Knowledge Sharing: 

  • Sharing insights, best practices, and lessons learned to inspire future innovation in the housing industry.

“Housing availability and affordability serve as critical components of a growing and thriving community,” said Mayor Henry. “I’m encouraged by the proactive efforts of the Office of Housing and Neighborhood Services as we come together to initiate concepts that can assist in providing additional and desirable housing stock in Fort Wayne. I’m looking forward to positive outcomes that will have a lasting and meaningful impact on individuals and families.”

The Innovative Housing Showcase will introduce and test four distinct new construction types in the Fort Wayne housing market. 

Construction Types Include:


  • Digital fabrication and industrial-scale production for efficient housing construction.

Three Squared: 

  • Steel shipping containers are used as the main structural elements of housing construction.

New Energy Homes: 

  • Utilizing a post-frame building technique for better insulation and energy efficiency.


  • Prefabricated modules assembled on-site for customizable and cost-effective housing units.

Upon completion of construction this fall, the City will invite the public to walk through each of the models in order to experience the finished product.  Kelly Lundberg, Director of the City’s Office of Housing & Neighborhood Services explains, “As the need increases, we continue to seek new ways to quickly increase access to quality affordable housing. Today marks the end of months of preparation and planning and the beginning of a new era of housing construction in Fort Wayne.”

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