Mayor Graham Richard today discussed the results of the BaseballPLUS committee report. The committee has reached a consensus that the City of Fort Wayne should consider a mixed-use development in downtown Fort Wayne that would feature a baseball stadium complex and serve as a catalyst for economic development.

Since February, a group of community leaders has been studying the feasibility of a downtown mixed-use development that would include a baseball stadium. One of the key recommendations of the Downtown BlueprintPlus was to evaluate a downtown mixed-use baseball stadium complex.

Mayor Richard thanked the committee for their work and dedication. Mayor Richard also commended the committee for its inclusiveness and examination of comparable facilities, possible locations for a new stadium and the potential re-use of Memorial Stadium.

“A thoughtful study on a potential downtown mixed-use development that would include retail, housing and a baseball stadium is important as we work together as one community to be an economic and quality of life leader for the region,” said Mayor Richard. “We want to make downtown a destination place for residents and visitors to enjoy.”

“We are pleased with the work of the BaseballPLUS committee and appreciate the efforts of our committee members,” said Steve Brody and Bob Taylor, Co-Chairs of the BaseballPLUS Committee. “It is our conclusion that a mixed-use development, including a baseball stadium, can significantly contribute to downtown revitalization and have a lasting economic impact on the region.”

City leaders next will meet with the new owners of the Fort Wayne Wizards, Hardball Capital, to gauge their interest on the possibility of a downtown mixed-use complex.