A streetscape project to beautify the Fairfield Avenue corridor is set to begin Monday, July 17. New sidewalks, curbs, streetlights, trees, and park space are all part of the project on Fairfield Avenue

from Kinnaird to Kinsmoor avenues. Similar improvements will be made on each side of Mark'€™s City Market '€“ Packard Avenueto the north and Kinnaird on the south.

The work will provide a pedestrian friendly link between Lutheran and Packard parks. In addition, a tree-lined sidewalk leading into Packard Park will be constructed.

The project is within the Packard Area Planning Alliance (PAPA), which includes the neighborhoods of Creighton-Home, Fairfield, Illsley Place, Oakdale, South Wayne, West Rudisill, and Williams Woodland Park. The enhancements are part of the implementation of the approved neighborhood plan for PAPA.

City Councilmen Tim Pape, John Crawford, John Shoaff, and Sam Talarico, Jr., provided CEDIT funds to assist with the financing of the improvements.

Key Concrete is the prime contractor for the work, which is expected to be complete by October 15.