The City Street Department is prepared for the upcoming winter season. Fort Wayne is divided into 18 snow routes. Streets in each snow route are prioritized as one, two or three. Priority one streets (arterial) are the first streets to be plowed and salted. Once priority one streets are completed, crews move to priority two streets (collectors and Citilink bus routes). If there is an accumulation of three or more inches of snow, crews then move to priority three streets (residential).

“Our snow removal plan is designed to provide excellent customer service to residents,” said Mayor Graham Richard. “The City Street Department is committed to keeping the streets of Fort Wayne as safe as possible for motorists.”

Detailed snow route maps with street names can be found on the City'€™s website, The website also features the City'€™s snow policies and procedures manual.

The City utilizes its two transportation facilities, downtown on Lafayette Street and north on Young Road, for salting and plowing operations. The Street Department has over 70 trucks in its fleet for snow removal. The two facilities house more than 6,000 tons of salt.