New 2005 aerial photography has been added to the City'€™s GIS interactive map website, Residents can access the information free of charge. The maps were made available through a homeland security grant. More information can be found at the Indiana GIS Information Council website, The new information allows residents to compare how the community has continued to develop over the past few years.

The original map webpage has been available since December 2003 and contains multiple theme-based layers that users can turn on and off as desired. Users can also perform a location search by address, street, park, or neighborhood association. This variety of functionality and features means the maps will benefit a wide range of Internet users.

Developers and businesses can access maps of sewer and water service areas and zoning information without making a phone call or visiting the City-County Building. Educators can use City Council district, neighborhood association and census tract maps to help students understand the different functions of City government. Residents with an interest in historic districts, parks, garbage and recycling pickup days, and annexations can view maps about those topics online. Additional maps include combined sewer outfalls, Rivergreenway trails, snow routes, and topographic lines.