Fort Wayne City Council has approved the designation of  701 Kinnaird Ave. and the 700-1200 blocks of the Columbia Avenue corridor as local historic districts.

Known as the Harry & Jennie Fishack House, 701 Kinnaird Ave. has remained virtually unchanged since the time of its construction. The exceptionally high degree of original integrity and many fine details of the home make this property a superior example of the Craftsman Bungalow style.

As the principal eastern route out of Downtown, Columbia Avenue, with its fine turn-of-the-century homes and mature trees, is an established and familiar visual feature of the City that still recalls its heritage as Fort Wayne'€™s first suburb. Designation of this corridor was pursued by the Northside Neighborhood Association and the property owners along Columbia Avenue as a means of stabilizing the neighborhood and retaining its historic character.

Local listing requires that the Fort Wayne Historic Preservation Commission review any future conspicuous exterior changes to the property. This does not affect regular repair and maintenance procedures that do not involve a conspicuous exterior change, nor does it mean that buildings/structures cannot be altered or demolished, or that new buildings cannot be constructed.