A group of community leaders will meet to begin studying the feasibility of a downtown mixed-use baseball stadium. The meeting will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday, February 14 at the Baker & Daniels law office, 111 E. Wayne St.

Last October, Mayor Graham Richard announced a call for action to begin several downtown projects as recommended by the BlueprintPlus process. One of the recommendations was to further evaluate a downtown mixed-use baseball stadium complex.

Group members include:

Mark Becker, Deputy Mayor                          

Steve Brody, Lincoln, DID, GWC

Bob Taylor, Do It Best                                    

Jack Swarbrick, B&D Consulting

Cheri Becker, Invent Tomorrow                      

Randy Brown, Memorial Coliseum

Mike Bynum, City Plan Commission                

Dan Carmody, DID

Quinton Dixie, IPFW                                       

Steve Gard, Downtown Business Owner

Gerald Hirschy, Spiece Fieldhouse                   

Paula Hughes, County Council

Marla Irving, Commissioner                             

Phil Laux, Chamber                             

Jack Lehman, Memorial Coliseum                    

Sam Talarico, City Council

Tom Neizer, Barrett & McNagny                    

Dan O'€™Connell, CVB

Tim Pape, City Council                                   

Mark Pope, IPFW

Nationally-recognized architect and planning visionary Gianni Longo led a process to develop the project recommendations by building on the foundation established in the original Downtown Blueprint. Since last April, Longo and a steering committee have worked together to create a BlueprintPlus action plan for downtown revitalization. Public participation and community consensus guided the process.