Mayor Graham Richard today visited the City'€™s Water Maintenance Department to mark the completion of the $11 million automatic meter reading (AMR) project.

City Utilities customers have had a new water meter installed in their home or business. The new meters transmit a customer'€™s water meter reading to a computer stationed in a vehicle that drives by to collect readings without walking on private property. AMR provides greater efficiency and accuracy. More than 75,000 meters have been installed since January 2003.

“We are pleased with the success of this program,” said Mayor Richard. “We are a wired and inspired City that is using technology and innovation to improve customer service. We look forward to continuing to find new ways to enhance the delivery of services to customers.”

AMCO/ITRON with the assistance of United Metering, Inc. installed 70 percent of the meters. The City'€™s Water Maintenance Department installed the remaining 30 percent.

The new technology allows customers to get an actual meter reading each month instead of an estimated read. In addition, AMR is intended to reduce call center traffic and increase customer satisfaction.

City Water Maintenance staff presented Mayor Richard with a “Golden Meter” to commemorate the completion of the project.